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Teaching Experience

Since 2018, I have taught a wide variety of courses ranging from introductory to graduate levels, encompassing Comparative Politics, American Politics and area studies such as Israeli and Canadian Politics. I have further served as program director for the Canada-Israel exchange between McGill and Hebrew University Political Science departments, a position entailing administrative duties and contributing to a robust, international civil society. In this capacity, I have sought to contribute to a collegial environment that encourages learning, enthusiasm, and literacy in the subject matter. I strive to curate personalized experiences for each student, and to build an understanding of academia as a lifestyle, not just an obligation.


I believe that the individual matters. Given my experiences as a child with a learning disability - Autism Spectrum Disorder - I know firsthand how the assembly line mode of education can alienate young people and prevent them from developing their interests and talents. Education has often served as a barrier to acceptance for all manner of disadvantaged groups. Bureaucracy, conformity, and hierarchy are the enemies of inclusivity. Both in and outside of the classroom, I seek to contribute to a collegial atmosphere in which students feel at ease and comfortable taking in new information. I make ample time after class and in office hours to engage with students in discussions on the course material, not only in relation to assignments but in relation to students’ individual understanding of the subject matter.


New Orleans, 2019

Sample Syllabi


My lectures contain both structured and conversational components. Rather than focus on recapping reading materials, I seek to demonstrate the connections between them. In doing so, the lectures offer a structural outline of key ideas and themes in the course and offer students the opportunity to form their own impressions. To evaluate students, I focus on three areas: engagement, comprehension, and analysis. I seek to hone students’ ability to wield the course material and form their own ideas and arguments. Over the course of the semester, I provide students with tailored feedback meant to improve their own original voice.

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