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Brendan Szendrő


Memphis, 2019


Twitter: @BSzendro

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I am a Faculty Lecturer in Political Science at McGill University. I received my PhD from Binghamton University in 2022, where I wrote my dissertation, "Religion, State, and Modernity: Defining the Contours of Desecularization."

My research tackles key questions facing democratic states in the 21st century – what is the role of religion in a globalized world? How do we build democracies that last? Why do social and economic change drive people apart? Each of these questions revolve around a key theme: belonging. What does it mean to belong, and how does the need for belonging shape politics?


In addition to research, I have cultivated a robust teaching philosophy rooted in my personal experiences on the Autism Spectrum. I seek to construct a tailored learning experience in and outside of the classroom. I have taught a wide range of courses in Comparative Politics, American Politics, and area studies from introductory to graduate levels.

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Brendan Szendrő

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